Hydraulic power Unit for Forming Press

  • Used to manufacture automotive body panels.
  • Total Installed HP = 125
  • Total Flow = 235 GPM
  • Maximum pressure = 4000 PSI

Power Unit Panel


Electrical panel integrated on to hydraulic power unit. Includes fusible disconnect, power supply and terminal strips for ease of integration with customers machine control. Panels are assembled to conform with industry accepted standards.

  • 100Hp
  • 200 Gallon Res.
  • 5 Bank Accumulator Stand

Corn Head System

Unit is used to test corn heads, 4 functions via radio remote control prior to mounting on a combine. The electrical box connects to 230 volt AC shop electrical and runs DC voltage valves to simulate the corn head functions. The unit is ran remote using our radio control package from Tele-Radio. This unit uses the stack valves to make up the manifold which is idea for low volume projects

Beet Piler

  • 10Hp
  • 50Hz
  • Russian Beet Piler


Electrical Panel

  • Tele-Radio Remote Control
  • UL 508A
  • Mobile DC power unit with control manifold and remote radio control.
  • Low cost 10Hp power unit for export to Europe
  • Electrical Power Unit with Tele radio remote control.



Hydraulic Press

  • Pressure Comp Pump w/ Remote Regulator and Solenoid Unloading
  • Isolation Mounts
  • Filter / Cooler
  • Lifting Lugs & Drip Pan
  • Valve Package To Meet Customer Requirement – (up/down, load holding, decel, decompression)
  • HP, Pressures and Flow will dictate component size and are based on performance criteria established by the customer


Hydraulic Power Unit

25 HP, 20 GPM, 3000 PSI Hydraulic power unit used in the metal forming industry. Features HP limiting control to reduce the maximum installed HP while still achieving the required machine output. The power unit is mounted in a fully enclosed cabinet that is lined with soundproofing material to reduce noise. The air to oil heat exchanger is mounted such to direct heat and air flow upward away from the work area.

Accumulator Stand

1600 liter accumulator stand used to provide intermittent flows of up to 9500 GPM to a high performance hydraulic system. Rated to 5000 PSI. Features 1 pc ductile iron manifolds to minimize potential leak points. Dimensions are approximately 120“L x 72“W x 96“H and weighs 18000 lbs.


  • Projects
  • Mobile
  • Industrial
  • Print Industry
  • Entertainment Industry