Power Unit Assembly

Our custom Power Units have a wide variety of Feature 
  • Capabilities ranging from fractional horsepower to over 500 hp for heavy-duty applications
  • Wide range of manifold options, pumps and components to precisely match your specific power unit requirements
  • Electric motors to match your needs
  • Valve, circuit and control panel options
  • Flexibility to order components individually or fully-assembled
  • Ability to Manufacture large quantities for a wide range of OEM application or single-use application

Manifold Design & Manufacturing

     Our manifold assemblies simplify the functions within a circuit as well as save substantial space and maintenance costs. By using combinations of cartridge valves, electronically-controlled proportional valves and various manifold-mounted components, we are able to provide cost-effective circuit solutions for you. All of our design functions utilize Pro Engineer software to ensure optimal performance.

     From single valve to large multi-function manifolds, every cirucit package is tailored to your requirements and thoroughly tested and inspected prior to shipment.



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